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Not At Home

The first song that I wrote after a gap of about sixteen years.  It’s a story of unrequited love,  with a down tempo feel and some House style piano towards the end.

Build That Wall

Anti anti-immigration track. Uses cliches and stereotypes to make a point. Definitely intended to be ironic – the intended meaning is the precise opposite to what the lyrics actually say. Guest vocals by Donald Trump.

Girl Other Girl

Story of infidelity then regret. The lyrics are experimental, I read somewhere about a poet that only used 25 individual words in his poems, so they rely on repetition and subtle changes. Tried to apply that here, the lyrics attempt to tell the story through a lot of repetition. Had to abandon that idea for the middle 8th and coda or they would have been too flat though.

Eighties Retro Party

This came to me when I was trying to sleep on a long flight. I wanted to use eighties sounds to create a track about an eighties party. Full of pop culture references from Danger Mouse to Doctor Who, this is a nostalgic track about trying to relive better times.

Forty Five

(19.3.17) Okay so this track came out of nowhere, I was literally messing about with some samples and within a few hours this had arrived. I don’t consider myself an especially political musician (I am absolutely a political person!) but the situation in America is so obviously playing on my mind that this just sort of happened!  It was initially titled “45 and Out” simply so that it was a three word title like the others, but it so obviously should have been called “Forty Five” all along I changed it the day after I made it available.


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