New Remix of “Eighties Retro Party”

Hi everyone, sorry it’s been so long, the creative side of me seems to have been taking a holiday!

What I offer you today was kind of inevitable.  In the eighties, someone thought of the idea of the twelve inch single, and soon everyone from Pet Shop Boys to Shaky were producing over-long versions of their singles to fill up the extra five inches of vinyl.  These extended mixes often added little to the original track but, if they got it right, were really cool (Blue Monday I’m looking at you, though that’s a bad example as I don’t think there was initially a seven inch version!)

So, here is an extended mix of Eighties Retro Party.  It does have an extra verse and I enjoyed putting it together.

As for new songs, I do have a new track, called “Our Last September” which was written as a duet however the person who I wrote it for does not have the free time at the moment to record it, so until she does (or I find someone else) it will have to remain in a creative limbo, which is s shame as I love the demo and the second voice will just finish it off perfectly.  I’m sure that is causing the creative block, and hopefully once that is done service will resume as normal!

Anyway, cancel your plans for the afternoon, as here is the Twelve Inch Extended Mix of Eighties Retro Party.  Like proper extended mixes from the era it does go on a bit, sorry!


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