Follow Friday – “D-Day” by The Time Apart

I actually should have shared this track last week on my first Follow Friday, and there is a reason for that: this is the first track that I heard on SoundCloud that genuinely generated feelings of joy in me.

There is a reason for this.  I love listening to SoundCloud and there is some amazing talent out there.  However this was the first artist other than myself that I found that is doing actual songs rather than music tracks, lyrics not just sounds.  I actually feel ashamed writing this and trying to make out that I am in the same league as this guy because I’m clearly not, there is so much raw talent in this song that I am extremely envious.  Damon Twen (the name of the chap behind The Time Apart) approaches things exactly the opposite way that I do – I have an idea and it’s usually recorded and finished within 48 hours.  Damon is not, from what I can see, all that prolific, but he clearly takes his time to make it sound exactly how he wants it to, and the result is all the better for it.

“D-Day” is currently my favorite thing on SoundCloud.  It’s beautifully constructed and performed and, from this example, I don’t know why a record label has not come calling.  Take a listen and let me (and indeed him) know what you think by commenting and sharing.  Thanks!


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