Three Word Title: An Explanation

So you may have noticed, if you have visited my SoundCloud page, that the collected tracks that I am working on at the moment are filed in an album called “Three Word Title”.  This came as a coincidence, I noticed that the first two songs that I wrote both had three words in the title.  When looking for an album title I decided to call the album “*Three Word Title” so that, if I ever produced hard copies of it (well, I can dream can’t I?!) it would look like the title was a working title that was meant to be updated before the album was released but that was somehow overlooked.  It was meant to be a kind of joke.

Fast forward to now, although there are only five tracks available (not including alternate mixes) there are actually six written, I am still waiting on some female vocals on what will hopefully be the next track, “Our Last September” and they all follow the three word title pattern.

However, with the latest track I struggled.  You will have seen it listed as “45 and Out” which actually makes it sound like it is something completely different!  So today I have renamed the track “Forty Five” which is what it should have been called all along, the links on SoundCloud all still work however the tracks are no longer all three word titles.

So I guess at some point I will have to come up with a new album title!

Here is a link to the full album playlist:



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