New Song: “45 And Out”

Okay, so this was not planned.  I was messing about with some samples and then the lyrics started coming into my head.  Although as a person I am very interested in politics I don’t often let that spill over into my music, I thought that “Build That Wall” would be the only political statement on the album.  Not only was it not, but “45 And Out” draws inspiration from the same source.  Here are the lyrics:

Forty five is dangerous, Forty five is bad.
Forty five will kill us all, Forty five is mad.
Forty five’s a liar, Forty five’s not cool.
He thinks that he’s invincible.  Forty five’s a fool.

Forty five’s a monster, Forty five’s not brave.
Forty five will send you out into an early grave.
Forty five just hates you unless you’re straight or white
Forty five will let you die, you have no human rights.

Forty five hates victims, Forty five loves cash.
Forty five will kick you out, abandoned in a flash.
Forty five hates terror, he has a cunning plan.
He’ll bend your constitution, but it’s not a Muslim ban

Forty five loves twitter, Forty five can’t spell.
Forty five will rape the poor as he buys his next hotel
Forty five won’t help you, he’ll let you crash and burn
Forty five will celebrate when he gets his third term.

And yes, the “cunning plan” reference was deliberate BlackAdder fans!

Here is a link to the track on SoundCloud, please let me know what you think!


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