Follow Friday – “D-Day” by The Time Apart

I actually should have shared this track last week on my first Follow Friday, and there is a reason for that: this is the first track that I heard on SoundCloud that genuinely generated feelings of joy in me.

There is a reason for this.  I love listening to SoundCloud and there is some amazing talent out there.  However this was the first artist other than myself that I found that is doing actual songs rather than music tracks, lyrics not just sounds.  I actually feel ashamed writing this and trying to make out that I am in the same league as this guy because I’m clearly not, there is so much raw talent in this song that I am extremely envious.  Damon Twen (the name of the chap behind The Time Apart) approaches things exactly the opposite way that I do – I have an idea and it’s usually recorded and finished within 48 hours.  Damon is not, from what I can see, all that prolific, but he clearly takes his time to make it sound exactly how he wants it to, and the result is all the better for it.

“D-Day” is currently my favorite thing on SoundCloud.  It’s beautifully constructed and performed and, from this example, I don’t know why a record label has not come calling.  Take a listen and let me (and indeed him) know what you think by commenting and sharing.  Thanks!


Song: “Not At Home”

So today I am going to talk about the first song that I wrote and recorded during this phase of creativity.  “Not At Home” started off as a song about a recent change in circumstances my family has undergone, however it was a very emotional subject and the lyrics ended up being just bitter and horrible.  However I liked the medody I had developed and, as a demo, had already recorded the middle section where I sing “you’re not at home”over and over again.

In the end the song became about a relationship that never happened.  It’s based on a true story, although I have fleshed out the reality of what actually happened to make the song more coherent, in the song its suggested that the relationship failed due to cultural differences between me and her, whereas the reality was they actually prevented anything from happening in the first place (as far as I could tell, I’m not actually sure what the hell happened!)

Anyhow, here are the lyrics to “Not At Home”:

I met you several times before and I knew I that liked you,
You gave me indications that you felt the same way too.
If words were left unspoken, its because I didn’t dare
to expose us to the truth in case you didn’t care.
You say I’m not your normal type, it would have to be explained
to all your friends and family who you have sort of trained
a certain expectation of what you are longing for,
so I’m kept at a distance and I’m feeling kind of raw.

It’s always unrequited but is it love or is it not?
Have we both got too much to lose too scared we’ll lose the plot?
I dream that we we’re together and our hearts will never roam,
But when my eyes are opened I see that you are not at home…

I feel a kind of energy buzzing every time we meet,
But I’m too scared to take your hand as we’re walking down the street.
I’m still not sure it’s what you want, because I’m too scared to ask,
I’d rather have your friendship still than have you take me to task…

It’s always unrequited but is it love or is it not?
Have we both got too much to lose too scared we’ll lose the plot?
I dream that we we’re together and our hearts will never roam,
But when my eyes are open I see that you are not at home… not at home…

You’re not at home, you’re not at home.
You’re not at home, you’re not at home.

I know the time is coming where I will have to decide
The things I want to say to you, the things I’ve tried to hide.
To expose all my feelings is it really worth a kiss?
Is it better unrequited or will you just take the piss?
Will you ever lie in bed with me with our limbs intertwined
A two part soul in ecstasy our human flesh combined.
Or am I modern London and you just Ancient Rome?
Who’ll never be together, who’s never coming home.

You’re not at home, you’re not at home.
You’re not at home, you’re not at home.

Here is a link to the finished song on SoundCloud:

Follow Friday (24.3.17)

So I have decided, in the spirit of Twitter, to recommend another user to follow on SoundCloud every Friday.  So my recommendation this week is a band called HuBBul who I follow on SoundCloud.  This track, called Timing Is Everything, is only a couple of weeks old, has a compelling beat and is hugely enjoyable, even before the vocals kick in which really then takes it up a notch.  So far it’s one of my favourite things I have found on SoundCloud, I hope you guys like it as much as I do…

Three Word Title: An Explanation

So you may have noticed, if you have visited my SoundCloud page, that the collected tracks that I am working on at the moment are filed in an album called “Three Word Title”.  This came as a coincidence, I noticed that the first two songs that I wrote both had three words in the title.  When looking for an album title I decided to call the album “*Three Word Title” so that, if I ever produced hard copies of it (well, I can dream can’t I?!) it would look like the title was a working title that was meant to be updated before the album was released but that was somehow overlooked.  It was meant to be a kind of joke.

Fast forward to now, although there are only five tracks available (not including alternate mixes) there are actually six written, I am still waiting on some female vocals on what will hopefully be the next track, “Our Last September” and they all follow the three word title pattern.

However, with the latest track I struggled.  You will have seen it listed as “45 and Out” which actually makes it sound like it is something completely different!  So today I have renamed the track “Forty Five” which is what it should have been called all along, the links on SoundCloud all still work however the tracks are no longer all three word titles.

So I guess at some point I will have to come up with a new album title!

Here is a link to the full album playlist:


New Song: “45 And Out”

Okay, so this was not planned.  I was messing about with some samples and then the lyrics started coming into my head.  Although as a person I am very interested in politics I don’t often let that spill over into my music, I thought that “Build That Wall” would be the only political statement on the album.  Not only was it not, but “45 And Out” draws inspiration from the same source.  Here are the lyrics:

Forty five is dangerous, Forty five is bad.
Forty five will kill us all, Forty five is mad.
Forty five’s a liar, Forty five’s not cool.
He thinks that he’s invincible.  Forty five’s a fool.

Forty five’s a monster, Forty five’s not brave.
Forty five will send you out into an early grave.
Forty five just hates you unless you’re straight or white
Forty five will let you die, you have no human rights.

Forty five hates victims, Forty five loves cash.
Forty five will kick you out, abandoned in a flash.
Forty five hates terror, he has a cunning plan.
He’ll bend your constitution, but it’s not a Muslim ban

Forty five loves twitter, Forty five can’t spell.
Forty five will rape the poor as he buys his next hotel
Forty five won’t help you, he’ll let you crash and burn
Forty five will celebrate when he gets his third term.

And yes, the “cunning plan” reference was deliberate BlackAdder fans!

Here is a link to the track on SoundCloud, please let me know what you think!